Researchers found that women now dedicate around four hours and 20 minutes to domestic tasks.

London - However hard a chap might try, his attempts at helping around the house are unlikely ever to be good enough for his partner, a study suggests.

It found that two thirds of women admit redoing household chores immediately after their partners have declared them done.

And 40 percent of women describe their partners’ cleaning as “half a job” because they take shortcuts to make it look like work has been done.

Just under half (43 percent) say men’s worst habit is simply moving mess out of sight. Dusting around objects (44 percent), leaving smears on windows and mirrors (29 percent) and putting coloured clothes in with white washing (24 percent) also irritate women.

Only 20 percent of the 2 000 women surveyed for Karcher, the cleaning product firm, say they are willing to tolerate their companions’ sloppiness, feeling bad because they know they mean well. - Daily Mail