AKA. Picture: Instagram

Local rapper AKA has once again stepped on his soapbox, offering peeps unwanted advice. This time, he thought it would be a good idea to tell his followers to switch the channel when local brands use foreign faces in campaigns. 

Known for being very opinionated on a variety of subjects, the 'Star Signs' rapper took a moment out of his busy day to suggest to his fans that they should switch channels if they see an international person used for a local advert.

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AKA went on to elaborate on his initial point and even offered advice for other local brands, because he apparently is an expert on marketing and business all of a sudden, to check themselves before they get left behind. 

However, the final tweet was the one that had tweeples riled-up and they quickly put him in his place. 

The then clearly felt the heat and posted a tweet stating that he didn't want to "preach too much" and exited the conversation.