AKA. Picture: Instagram

Why all the fuss over an album cover you may ask? Well, a few weeks ago, local rapper AKA got fans involved in the design process of the cover of his new album 'Touch My Blood' by creating the #TouchMyBloodChallange.

Fans were asked to submit artwork for consideration, which would fall into the same selection pool as AKA's design team's ideas.

Long story short, AKA chose a winner but the fan's artwork will not feature as the front cover but as the back cover, and Twitter was pretty miffed about it.

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Despite some tweeples annoyance, others thought that the winner's accomplishment needs to be celebrated and not marred by complaints. One fan even commended the 'Star Signs' hitmaker for "empowering the youth".

AKA defended his choice on Twitter, saying although the submissions were from "skilled and super talented people", but he felt they "didn’t manage to capture the feeling" he was looking for.

He also announced that he would be selecting four interns to work on his upcoming projects and that the winner will be gifted with Reebok apparel and a year's supply of Cruz Vodka.