Chris Hemsworth. Picture: Reuters
Chris Hemsworth. Picture: Reuters

Before Hollywood, Chris Hemsworth's first job involved a toothbrush and breast milk

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Jun 14, 2019

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Chris Hemsworth's first job was a breast pump cleaner.

The 35-year-old actor spent some time working at a pharmacy and one of his roles involved using a toothbrush and a spray to make sure the machines were in tip top shape.

Playing a game of 'True Confessions' on the 'Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon', he revealed: "My first job was cleaning out breast pumps...

"I literally worked for a pharmacy, and they would rent them out and the machines would come back and I would have a toothbrush, a little spray-and-wipe."

The Hollywood hunk added that he had to clean them after they were returned "covered in dry milk", and he was also tasked with repairing the motors.

His 'Men In Black: International' co-star Kumail Nanjiani definitely saw the funny side, and joked that the pumps could make some money on eBay.

He quipped: "Do the women who use these breast pumps now know that Chris Hemsworth once cleaned them? And can you buy them on eBay?"

Meanwhile, their fellow castmate Tessa Thompson recently heaped praise on her friend, and described the 'Avengers: Endgame' actor as a "really thoughtful and sensitive" guy.

She said: "He's really sensitive. I think you think of him as the kind of person because of his fame his - if you're into that kind of thing, his good looks - and he's got it all figured out. 

"I think he's the kind of person that two days later sometimes, in conversations, he'll come back and go, 'Hey, I realised I wasn't, I really wasn't thinking clearly, this is this.' 

"He's thoughtful, he's really thoughtful and sensitive in a way that I might not imagine from someone like him."

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