Blac Chyna. Picture: Instagram

Blac Chyna's sex tape has been a hot topic since it leaked on Monday, with many questioning who's behind it and also critiquing her technique.

The former stripper is reportedly seeking legal action and reporting the incident to police.

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TMZ contacted one of the reality TV star's lawyers, Walter Mosley, who said that although he cannot comment on the video, it is "a criminal matter" and they are contacting the police to investigate. 

This comes after Chyna's ex-boyfriend, Mechie, claimed he was the man featured in the video.

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His representatives furthermore stated that he was, in fact, the man who took the video, but it was filmed with Chyna's smartphone and he is not in possession of a copy. 

Chyna also claims that she did not leak the video and will fully cooperate with the LA police department. 

The is not the first time explicit imagery of  Chyna has landed on the internet. Last year Rob Kardashian leaked nude pictures of Blac Chyna after they broke up.