Brad Pitt at the premiere for the film "Ad Astra" in Los Angeles. Picture: Reuters
Hollywood star Brad Pitt is in his fifties but he is still "breaking the Internet" with sexy photos.

The "Ad Astra" actor has become the netizens' latest obsession, thanks to his suave and sexy snapshots for GQ magazine.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, Pitt reacted to "breaking the Internet".

"I don't know what that means," Pitt replied, before being shown a handful of fan reactions, including one that read, "55 looks good on him. Lordt!"

"What is lordt?," the actor asked with a laugh. After being told that it's Twitter's version of "Oh, lord. He's looking fly!" Pitt quipped, "I am so unsavvy with the ol' Internet. But great, good, good fun!"

Other comments that Pitt's photoshoot received included: "Brad Pitt's photoshoot for GQ has me shook, how can you look so good at 55?"

"Me saving all the gq photos of brad Pitt I see to my phone," one wrote alongside a GIF of Beyonce on her tablet.