Brie Larson 'struggled' to understand what it means to be female

Brie Larson. Picture: Reuters

Brie Larson. Picture: Reuters

Published Feb 27, 2019


Brie Larson reveals she "struggled" to "understand" what it means to be a woman in an editorial for the new issue of Stylist magazine.

The 29-year-old actress and women's rights activist explained that she's always known that as a female she has "secret powers", however, being a woman in the entertainment industry has shown her something different because she and her fellow ladies are still fighting for equality and to be "heard creatively" alongside their male peers.

She wrote: "As a human who self-identifies as a woman I've struggled to understand what the word 'woman' means to me. I knew I held secret powers, regardless of how I defined it, but some of my experiences growing up showed me differently. For example, in the entertainment industry, women are still fighting for equal pay, or to be equally heard creatively with our male peers.

"And that's not even getting into the racial, disability, non-binary, sexual orientation and other stigmas that add more unnecessary oppression." 

Brie will star as Carol Danvers in upcoming superhero movie 'Captain Marvel', which is the first stand-alone female film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the blonde beauty insisted that although she is seeing change within the industry, it's not yet happening "organically".

She added: "Inclusion is not happening organically yet - it requires thought and pointed action. But it gives me strength to know that who we are as almost nothing to do with puberty or who gives you butterflies in your stomach. 

"Our minds, our bodies, our dreams, our ambitions; the day we fuel ourselves is vast. And it's still growing."

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