Britney Spears. Picture: Reuters/Danny Moloshok
Britney Spears. Picture: Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Britney Spears 'is confident she'll regain control of her life'

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Feb 18, 2021

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Britney Spears is convinced she'll eventually "take back control of her life again", according to a friend.

The 39-year-old pop star has spent years under her father's conservatorship, but Billy “Billy B” Brasfield - her close friend and former make-up artist - is convinced she'll soon be able to make crucial decisions about her finances and her personal life.

He shared: "As ‘unicorn like’ as the world thinks Britney is, she’s a very normal, down-to-earth person. She’s just in an extraordinary situation.

“We’ll be talking on the phone for example, and she’ll say, ‘Hold on a second I’m doing my laundry.’

“The other day we talked and she was working around the house moving furniture and decorating.

“She is 100 percent optimistic and extremely capable and smart - and has a strategy and people need to respect that.

"There are a lot of people thinking they know what’s best for Britney but she is a grown woman who is very capable.

"I 100 percent believe, as does she, that she will get control back."

Britney is "doing great" amid the conservatorship battle. But the chart-topping pop star - who has Sean Preston, 15, and Jayden, 14 - remains frustrated by the restrictions imposed on her.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the make-up artist explained: "She sees her children Sean Preston and Jayden but she can’t drive her car and it’s things like that on a daily basis that are frustrating for her."

Britney is currently being stopped from marrying her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, by the conservatorship.

However, the “Toxic” hitmaker remains optimistic about her long-term future.

Billy B shared: "She needs the conservatorship to end if she wants to make a decision about marrying or having more children in the future, and whether she wants to perform again.

"But Britney is such an optimistic person she has found a way to be happy.

"She doesn't see her father at all but she has a very close relationship with everyone else in her family. She loves her sister, nieces and nephews and her brother.

"She and her mom have always been very close and they continue to be close."

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