Cardi B and Offset. Picture: Instagram

Cardi B and Offset now own eight pet dogs.

The couple are expecting their first baby together but as they wait for the imminent arrival of their daughter their home has been filled with little ones of the canine kind.

In June, their pooches Boujee and Bentley had a litter of eight puppies together and although hip hop star Offset, 26, had originally planned to sell the mini mutts, after growing attached to the pups he's decided to keep five for him and Cardi and is giving three to his nephews.

Posting about their pet plans on Twitter, Cardi revealed: "Offset said we keeping 5 of the puppies .He was sooo eager to sell them now he change his mind. I see he gained alil weak spot for that Momma and puppy bond. My thing is how we gonna deal with eight dogs Its all fun and games till they get bigger. He giving 3 away to his nephews and we keeping the other 5 [sic]"

The husband and wife pair are yet to name the puppies and Cardi, 25, admits she has a tough time telling which one is which because they all look the same.

She tweeted: "We haven’t name the puppies yet ... But the big dogs name are BENTLEY, BOUJEE and BANDO. All the puppies look alike so it’s hard to tell which one is which. [sic]"

Cardi has been busy posting on Twitter as her baby bump grows and spends more time at home preparing to give birth.

However, as her tummy gets bigger her sex drive is getting less and less.

She told her 3.38 million followers: "I wanna have sex but i loose my breath Soo fast [sic]"

One user responded by saying: "But pregnant sex is the best sex", to which she replied: "Not at this last stage ..Baby too big [sic]"

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