Cardi B. Picture: Instagram
Cardi B. Picture: Instagram

Cardi B's jaw has been 'hurting like crazy' for two days

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Feb 18, 2021

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According to Cardi B, her jaw has been "hurting like crazy" for the last two days.

The “WAP” hitmaker has taken to Twitter to reveal her jaw is still "hurting like crazy" after she slept in an awkward position and she's asked her followers for some advice.

Cardi, 28, wrote on the micro-blogging platform: "Ok guys sooo...I slept with my arm under my face and when I woke up my jaw was hurting like crazy .It’s been two days and the pain is giving me a headache.What can I even f***** do ? (sic)"

One of Cardi's followers subsequently insisted she needed to find a more comfortable sleeping position.

In response, the rap star said: "Never again !!! Even tho I don’t know what I be doing while I sleep (sic)"

Cardi is well-known for being candid with her fans on social media, and the music star recently insisted she's entitled to "brag" about her success.

The “Up” hitmaker pledged to continue to boast about her achievements online.

She said: "Naaaa naaaa Let me talk my big cash s*** f*** outta hereeeeee !!!Last Monday when I announced my single ya was in here clockin and talkin s*** bout my twitter likes as in I’m not most hated on this app.Now that I prove m************ wrong imma brag on it on GANG ! (sic)"

Cardi thinks she's earned the right to talk-up her career achievements.

The rap star also revealed she's already looking forward to her next project.

She wrote: "Let us talk our s*** and brag for a day ,WE DESERVE It ! When it comes to Cardi it’s always something we work hard .We humble we deserve to get big cocky for at least a day .I’m sooo happy!!! I can’t wait for my next project ! (sic)"

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