The 53-year-old singer was found dead at his home in Oxfordshire, England, last month. Picture: Reuters

Police are trying to trace several people who visited George Michael in the days leading up to his death.

The 53-year-old singer was found dead at his home in Oxfordshire, England, last month and while it was initially thought George had died from heart failure, it's now believed the singer passed away from an overdose of illegal or prescription drugs and they are hoping his visitors can provide some vital information.

A source told the Sunday People: "Officers are stepping up the ¬investigation into the days leading up to George's death and focusing on those who came and went to see George.

"They may have vital information which could be of use.

"There are still vehicles that were near the property which the police are trying to trace the owners of.

"The police will take as long as they need to. The aim for them is to get an accurate picture as possible of George's final days."

George's sudden death is still being treated as "non-suspicious" but a major crime unit from Thames Valley Police has been brought in to investigate.

The star was found dead at his home by his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz, who slept in his car the night before.

A family member told the publication: "I'm worried that because everything is ¬taking so long that it's going to be bad news. We're now fearing the worst.

"We just want to know what ¬happened. Why was he on his own? Why did his ¬boyfriend sleep in his car when George has a big house? It's all very strange.

"We're being kept in the dark. We're still ¬waiting to hear about the ¬funeral. We just want ¬answers and to lay him to rest.”

It was previously claimed that George's father Kyriacos Panayiotou was upset that the police investigation into his son's death has prevented a traditional swift Greek Orthodox burial.

An insider said: "He has chosen all the funeral details and pall bearers – some are coming from Cyprus.

"But it cannot go ahead until the body is released. That is a real source of pain for the family."

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