Demi Moore. Picture: Instagram
Demi Moore. Picture: Instagram

Demi Moore on the lookout for major TV role

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Nov 14, 2020

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Hollywood star Demi Moore is on the lookout for a role in a major TV series after spending her career making movies.

The 57-year-old actress’ biggest “passion” will always be with film but she’s keen to branch out to the small screen because she likes the idea of having the time to properly develop a character over the course of a number of episodes.

She said: “The format I’m the most familiar with is definitely film and that is still definitely where my passion lies.

"But the one thing I haven't yet had the chance to explore, and I would very much like to, is doing a long-form, high-end TV series with eight to 10 episodes, because to me that is like watching mini films.

"The ones that I feel are done with beautiful cinematography and production.

"And as an actor, the reason I'm interested in that is because it's an opportunity to develop a character over time.

"You don't get that when you have one script and a very clear beginning, middle and end."

And the “Basic Instinct” star may get the chance sooner rather than later because a narrative podcast she was involved in may be making the jump to TV.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she said: "I just did a narrative podcast ['Dirty Diana'] with film director and screenwriter Shana Feste and it was an interesting new outlet for me creatively.

"We were able to do that during the pandemic and the quarantine and now we're taking it out and exploring working on that as a show.

"I really enjoyed working with a female director and I haven't really had much opportunity [to do that before].”

Demi is keen to work with more women and believes the key to getting more females involved in the acting industry is through representation.

She explained: “As we hear over and over again, representation is by far one of the strongest ways in which we can support other women.

"So knowing there are other women who can be seen taking on these different roles, which had predominantly been held by men, is what I think makes the difference.

"I know for myself that one of the things that I would really like to focus on is working with more women.”

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