Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber performs on stage during the first Australian stop of his Believe tour at the Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, Australia, Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013. (AP Photo/Tertius Pickard)

London - The 'Believe' hitmaker insists he is "strong" and has a right to "defend himself" in apparent response to criticism of his behaviour in a taped deposition - including being rude to a court clerk, admitting to taking anti-anxiety drug Xanax without a prescription and feigning sleep - which leaked online.

He tweeted: "Love how some people love to twist and justify the horrible action of others. We all have a right to defend ourselves and feel harassed.

"They can't break us. They can't get us down. We are too strong. We love too much. #mybeliebers (sic)"

Justin, 20, gave the deposition in Miami on Thursday (06.03.14) over a lawsuit from photographer Jeffrey Binion, who claims one of the star's bodyguard's choked him and stole his camera equipment in June 2013 on the orders of the pop star.

In the video, the 'Beauty and a Beat' star was seen visibly angry when asked about on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez by the photographer's lawyer.

The lawyer asked: "Have you ever talked with Selena Gomez and discussed your feelings about paparazzi with her?"

Justin replied: "Don't ask me about her again. Don't ask me about her again. Don't ask me about her again."

At another point, the singer laughs at a question, so the lawyer asks if he needs it reading back.

He replied: "Well, I don't know, Katie Couric. You tell me."

And later in the footage, Justin is asked to "look at the film up there", but replies: "This is a film? This is a film? You said it's a film. You said watch the film. Is this a film?"

He is asked to list the members of his team, and after naming a few people, including manager Scooter Braun, he dismissively says: "The list goes on. It continues, for a long time."

Asked for more names, he adds: "I don't recall."

The lawyer then asked how often his team meet to discuss his bodyguards, with Justin replying "I don't recall" before closing his eyes and pretending to sleep.

On the weekend, Justin had dedicated a song to Selena during a surprise performance in Texas on Sunday.

The 20-year-old singer turned up at the Banger's Sausage House and Beer Garden in Austin last night for the South by Southwest festival, and sang his hit 'As Long As You Love Me' for his “baby”.

The 'Boyfriend' hitmaker told his fans before belting out lyrics to the catchy track, 'This next song goes out to my baby', as he stared at the 21-year-old singer, who was standing in the wings.

After Justin's romantic gesture, the pair - who have been dating on/off since 2010 - reportedly hung out together in the beer hall for an hour after everyone left the venue.

A source told Us Magazine: “Justin and Selena were together the whole time. Sitting together, hanging out, and very friendly together.”

The duo, who split up earlier this year, have sparked rumours they have rekindled their romance recently after they were spotted enjoying a romantic dinner in Texas last weekend.

However, Selena's parents are reportedly against the pair reconciling as they believe Justin, who has had a number of run-ins with the law recently, is responsible for driving Selena to rehab earlier this year.

Selena was admitted to Dawn at The Meadows recovery centre in Arizona on January 5, and spent two weeks at the facility, which treats people aged 18 to 26 years old who are “struggling with emotional trauma, addiction or dual diagnosis concerns.” - Bang Showbiz and IOL