Dwayne Johnson, a cast member in the upcoming film Baywatch, addresses the audience during the Paramount Pictures presentation at CinemaCon 2017 in Las Vegas. Johnson said “depression never discriminates.” The actor talks about his struggles with depression and his mother’s suicide attempt after they were evicted in an interview with the Sunday Express. Picture: AP

Dwayne Johnson has likened social media to a "relationship" in that you have to "cultivate" it and work on it.

The 'Rampage' star is a big hit online on sites such as Twitter and Instagram and puts that down to "cultivating" it and working on it, like any relationship or friendship.

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He said: "Social media has been one of the best, if not the number one best decision that I was able to make in our business. I mean that, it allowed fans access to me that just otherwise I can't do on any other platform. My relationship with the fans is the most important relationship that I have, outside of my own relationships that I have with my family.

"That is what social media is to me, it's a relationship, so like in any relationship you have to cultivate it, you have to work on it. You have to get memed when you screw up, you have to laugh at it. Then you have to support each other and you have to motivate each other and inspire each other and then you have got to mess with each other a little bit. It's all those things collectively that makes social media very important to me."

And the 45-year-old actor wants to make sure people leave the cinema "happy and floating" after seeing his movies.

He added to the Belfast Telegraph: "We really approach any movie that we do with audience first. We always make sure that we are giving the people what they want and it sounds cliched in our business and in any business but I mean that, really from the bottom of my heart. When you can approach a project like a 'Rampage', every frame, every word, every action moment is all driven by 'is this going to make the people happy?'

"At the end of the day the most important thing to me, the number one thing, is making sure that people leave the theatre after they have spent money on a ticket, popcorn, drinks, candy, whatever else, happy. I have got to send them home happy and floating and saying, 'Yeah! That was awesome!' That is important. I don't want people sad, I never want that. Life brings that."