Ed Sheeran helping school music schemes



Published Jul 5, 2024


Ed Sheeran will spend the rest of the year helping school music schemes.

The 'Castle on the Hill' hitmaker is taking a break from recording his own songs to spend several months helping to improve funding for lessons in schools after previously donating generously to improve the music offering at his former school, Thomas Mills High in Framlingham, Suffolk.

He said: “I started doing that in the county I’m from, and we’ve just now changed to doing it nationwide.

“I’m now visiting more high schools that really need music funding and you can see what a difference it makes."

The 33-year-old singer is keen to help because of his own experiences at school.

He added: “I’m not an academic person – in the real world I would be viewed as stupid.

“But I excelled at music and therefore people think I’m good at something.

“I found it massively helpful to be at a state-funded school that really encouraged that.

“They’ve basically cut funding for that in England so I’m doing what I can to get funding for it.

“The new government will be better at it, I think.”

Earlier this year, a report from Ed's charity, The Framlingham Foundation, revealed he had donated £1 million to the art department at his old school.

The grant aims to provide students with new learning resources, as well as a "new Expressive Arts course in Year 8 introduced this year" and follows a similar sum donated by the 'Bad Habits' singer to the school's music offering in 2022.

Nikki Scholl, head of art at the school, told the Daily Star newspaper: "At a time when music and the arts are recognised as being so vital in pupils' wellbeing... this school is very well placed to support pupils' artistic development and wellbeing. Thank you."

Ed has also previously offered financial assistance for photography and computer studies at his old school, as well as giving music equipment to a primary school and funding bursaries for families who cannot afford fees.

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