Singer Ellie Goulding. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)

Ellie Goulding's vintage engagement ring is "over 100 years old".

The 'On My Mind' hitmaker is set to tie the knot with art dealer Caspar Jopling after the pair got engaged in August, and she has revealed her husband-to-be had picked out the diamond antique "a while" ago.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, she said: "It's a vintage ring. This is about 100 years old, which is pretty cool. I love that there's a history behind it."

The 31-year-old pop star says the couple had spoken about getting married "early on" in their relationship, but the proposal still came out of the blue.

She added: "We'd talked about it because we were getting on so stupidly well and we didn't want to spend a second apart. But no, I had no idea.

"I didn't have a clue, though Caspar had the ring for a while.

"I think we just knew. Some people were like, 'Wow, you haven't been together that long!' But we knew quite early on."

Ellie has suffered from anxiety throughout her career, but her two-year break from the spotlight has rejuvenated her and she can't wait to share her new music.

The 'Close To Me' hitmaker - whose last album was 2015's 'Delirium' - admitted: "I feel I have a new lease of life after having a break. I feel like this is the most positive chapter of my life and I'm ready to return to music."

Ellie admits that she has struggled with fame but was able to "reflect" on how she has dealt with the pressures that come with being in the public eye.

She said: "I could wake up and not have anywhere to be, which has been an alien concept to me since I started.

"I've had time to really reflect on who I was and how I treated people.

"And I don't mean I treated people badly -- I just don't know if I've been myself with people around me. I found fame intense and I didn't deal with it well."

The 'Love Me Like You Do' hitmaker previously gushed about how she "can't wait" to become a "giggly wife."

Ellie - who had been dating the 26-year-old hunk for 18 months before he got down on one knee - admitted she is looking forward to walking down the aisle and spending the rest of her life "loved up".

Taking to her Instagram account, the blonde star uploaded a photograph of her planting a kiss on Caspar's cheek and she wrote: "I tend to keep my life very private these days and I have enjoyed the time I've had away from all the madness 

"But we've had so many beautiful messages of support and love the past few days, as have our families, that we wanted to say thank you so much! 

"We appreciate it more than you could ever know. 

"You're the most wonderful person I've ever known, and I can't wait to be your very giggly, in awe and loved up wife x (sic)"