Erykah Badu. Picture: Bhekikhaya Mabaso Africa News Agency (ANA)

Singer-songwriter Erykah Badu received mixed reactions on Saturday night after bringing up R. Kelly during a concert his hometown, Chicago.

A  few songs into her show, Badu took a break from her set to talk about Kelly and the controversy following the Lifetime documentary series, “Surviving R. Kelly,” that spotlighted decades of abuse allegations against the R&B singer.

“I'm sending out a prayer right now, for R. I hope he sees the light of day if he’s done all those things that we’ve seen on TV and heard those ladies talk about,” she said to the crowd. “I hope he sees the light of day and comes forward."

Adding, "They're about to R. Kelly me to death on the internet, I’m like god damn,” she said. She then called for “peace” and “healing for those who were hurt, because everybody involved has been hurt and victimized in some kind of way.”

Badu faced an onslaught on backlash on social media following her comments, as Twitter called for her to be "cancelled".

While the majority were disappointed with Badu's comments, some fans felt that the message had been lost in translation.

On Sunday night, Badu tweeted in response to the backlash she faced for the quotes on social media. “I love you. Unconditionally. That doesn’t mean I support your poor choices... Anything else has been fabricated or taken out of context” she wrote.