DJ Nigel Pierce was reported fired from Good Hope FM. Picture" Armand Hough/INSLA

Outspoken radio presenter Nigel Pierce has blasted Good Hope FM after they apparently handed him a letter terminating his employment in front of staff, and locked him out of the SABC studios.

Listeners were taken by surprise when the popular jock did not go on air on Friday afternoon for his regular 3 to 6pm drive slot.

Nigel, whose payoff line is “I never can say goodbye”, wasn’t about to go down without a fight and decided to vent on social media.

In a series of videos posted to his account on Instagram over the weekend, Nigel said he was told he was an "unnecessary risk to the brand and reputation of GHFM and the SABC".

Fans soon reacted to the veteran radio personality's post, with many saying that they will no longer listen to radio station if Nigel is hosting. One Twitter user wrote: "Cheers GoodHope FM. Letting go of their best in Nigel Pierce is such a bad move. One by one your listeners will leave you. Only listened to GHFM because of Nigel..."

While another said: "Still wanting to know why Good Hope FM let their best asset Nigel Pierce go? My sole reason for listening to Goodhope was Nigel, Goodhope on the way down?."

Some listeners, however, welcomed his exit. "The way everyone is acting, you would think that Nigel Pierce is actually still relevant. I literally switched stations because I got sick of his soapbox rants. Onto the next," a Twitter user wrote.

While another added that Pierce's vanity was to blame. "Nigel Pierce says he was axed from Good Hope FM for being a 'risk to the brand' - You were fired because you are a massive, conceited Afrikaans box!"

Meanwhile, Nigel, who has been on the airwaves for 25 years, claims he has already received new job offers but says he’ll be taking a “sabbatical” to do some travelling and reading first.