Frankie Grande is engaged

Hale Leon and Frankie Grande. Picture: Instagram

Hale Leon and Frankie Grande. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 9, 2021


Frankie Grande has got engaged to his boyfriend, Hale Leon, after two years of dating.

The former “Celebrity Big Brother” contestant surprised Hale Leon, 28, with an elaborate proposal at VR adventure venue Dreamscape in Los Angeles, with close family and friends also in attendance.

The 38-year-old Broadway star had initially told his partner they were meeting up with friends to celebrate the upcoming 4th anniversary of his sobriety, but had secretly worked with the venue - which was the site of one of the couple's first dates - to create a custom ending to the VR experience, complete with virtual fireworks and a "Will you marry me?" message.

Frankie - who has been dating the actor for two years - revealed he'd spent more than 12 months planning the proposal.

He told People magazine: "It was such a perfect, beautiful moment.

“Hale was completely surprised and we both started crying tears of joy.

“I have been working on proposing to him in virtual reality for over a year and it was ABSOLUTELY breathtaking for us both.

"I can't wait for everyone to see the video! Omg! We are so happy!"

Frankie and Hale met at a line dancing bar in 2019 and the “Rainbowthon” host previously joked it was "love at first dance" between them.

He previously said: "I randomly ended up going to this bar Oil Can Harry's in the Valley and I saw Hale he was dancing on the stage.

"He was performing for everybody. He loves to go to Oil Can Harry's he knew all the dances, I was blown away.

"It was definitely love at first dance. I chased him down to meet him afterwards but he disappeared to fix his hair."

The actor has been a hit with Frankie's family, in particular with his grandmother, who can be hard to impress.

He said: "Nonna really loved him and paraded him around her retirement home, [showing us off] as the new hip gay couple visiting.

"It was so cool, I didn't know if they would be hip to that, but it was really adorable."

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