Gabrielle Union. Picture: Instagram

Hollywood star Gabrielle Union has warned sexual harassment can happen to anyone.

The 44-year-old actress was raped when she was working at her part-time job at a Payless Store in 1992 and in a series of messages on Twitter, Gabrielle has tried to clarify some of the myths surrounding assault cases.

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Gabrielle - who was speaking in light of the sexual harassment allegations regarding Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein -

wrote: "Sexual violence & harassment can happen to anyone at anytime anywhere.

"Ppl remain silent 4 many different very personal reasons. Judgment, victim shaming/blaming, loss of job/$, fear of violence, retaliation.

"Folks are also very open and obvious about what kind of victim should be prioritized & believed. To think otherwise is to be willfully dim.

"In Hollywood meetings in homes, hotel lobbies/restaurants/suites, private isolated office space is the norm. NO ONE "ASKED FOR IT!!"

"Sexual or physical violence, harassment, demeaning language is NOT the price one should pay for seeking or maintaining employment. Period. (sic)"

Gabrielle was raped at gunpoint when she was 19 and she's pointed out that each case is different.

But the Hollywood star insisted her own experience of being sexually assaulted is proof that what a woman wears has no bearing on their personal safety.

Gabrielle - who has been married to basketball star Dwyane Wade since 2014 - explained on Twitter: "Reminder. I got raped at work at a Payless shoe store. I had on a long tunic & leggings so miss me w/ "dress modestly" s**t.

"Though I was raped by a stranger who raped me at gunpoint after robbing the store, I was still asked by a female "friend" what I had worn.

"Look around, u can EASILY see whose pain is "real/valid" & must be addressed & whose pain is tolerable, unimportant & systematically ignored. (sic)"