James McAvoy. Picture: John Baer, Universal Studios

James McAvoy's mother Liz Johnston has tragically passed away at her home in Glasgow, Scotland.

The 38-year-old actor has been left devastated after he found out that his mum had sadly passed away at the age of 59 in the council flat he grew up in along with his sister Joy in Glasgow, Scotland, following years of ill-health.

A local source told Daily Record newspaper: "Liz had health troubles and faced up to them as well as possible but it meant she really kept herself to herself.

"She had no desire to change her life on the back of his fame. She wished to stay in Drumchapel and that's what she did.

"She never ever held any airs and graces about James and Joy being on TV or in movies and she would play it down. But she was very proud of them both.

"Her parents have always been just the same and never wanted any fuss. They were proud of their grandchildren as any other grandparents would be.

"They are extremely nice and down to earth people and that probably helped keep James fairly grounded despite his big success."

Although he was close with his mother, James was raised by his grandparents after Liz and his dad James Snr decided to split up when he was seven years old. 

The 'Split' actor lost contact with his dad after the separation but James Snr believes he "took it hard" because he always longed for his parents to get back together. 

In 2008, James Snr told the Daily Mail newspaper: "I think James still had hopes of me and his mum sorting things out. 

"It has been hard on me not being in his life, but I'm just glad that he seems happy."