The 35-year-old singer – who has four-year-old son David Jr. with fiance David Otunga – is enjoying spending time in Britain while filming talent show 'The Voice UK' and would seriously consider relocating for a longer period of time.

Asked if a move to the UK is on the cards, she said: "Yes, I would love that – no, seriously. I love it. It's so peaceful and everyone is so sweet."

The 'Spotlight' singer has "banned" herself from using Twitter as she thinks it is important to move herself from the negative comments she gets on social media sites.

She told LOOK magazine: "I remember starting out, they used to tell us, 'Don't read this, don't look at that' and every once in a while I remind myself of that.

"I've banned myself from twitter – I don't even go on there any more.

"You know what to avoid, how to handle yourself."

Though Jennifer is enjoying working on 'The Voice', she thinks 'American Idol' – on which she found fame in 2004 – gave the contestants better preparation for life in the music industry.

She said: "This process [on The Voice] is so much quicker – it leaps from phase to phase so quickly. I used to call it the 'American Idol' rollercoaster that I could never get off because it was just going around and around.

"I agree ['The Voice' is more positive] but I feel like what Simon Cowell brings to the table is he's preparing you for the industry.

"I feel like that could be necessary to have a taste of hat contestants are really trying to get into and that's when you learn if you have a tough enough skin for it.

"I thought, 'It's either gonna make me or break me.' "

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