Jennifer Lopez doesn't know if she'll marry Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Published Nov 29, 2018


Jennifer Lopez admits she's not sure if she'll ever tie the knot with the former baseball star but is content with where their relationship is at the moment.

Asked when she thinks they'll tie the knot, she said: "I don't know! We've been together a couple of years, it's nice."

And the 49-year-old singer and dancer doesn't like to think about turning 50 next year and says it is more important to focus on how she feels inside.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she added: "I like not to think about [age], I go with more of how I feel inside and I feel very youthful and energetic. Maybe that'll change, but right now I feel pretty good."

Jennifer thinks she and Alex have a "nice dynamic".

She explained: "When you have a partner that is so supportive of what you do, you don't have to hold back. With him, it's like, how much more do you want to do? How much bigger do you want to get? How can I help you? Where do you need me to be? And I like to do the same for him. It's just a nice dynamic that I have never experienced, and I am really happy about that."

And Jennifer thinks timing was everything with their romance.

She shared: "We were both at a good place in our lives. And I think, maybe if we had met in our twenties, it wouldn't ... you know, maybe not so much. We're too crazy. But now, at this point in our lives, where we both have kids and we both accomplished certain things in our careers and we're kind of in that second act of our lives, we really complement each other."

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