Cast member Biel poses at the premiere of "The Book of Love" in Los Angeles
Hollywood – The 34-year-old actress is too busy to think about food most mornings because she's so focused on feeding her 22-month-old son, Silas, and getting him ready for the day.
Discussing a photo she posted on Instagram of a coffee cup and empty plate in the shower, the 'Book of Love' star said: "This is just mom life. I don't know if anybody else does this, [but] I don't have time for anything.
"I'm feeding [Silas] in the morning, trying to get ready, and I realise I haven't eaten, and I just take [my food] into the shower."
The brunette beauty, who is married to Justin Timberlake, admits her multi-tasking doesn't always go to plan.
She told 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon: "Sometimes it's a huge success! Sometimes it's a huge failure."
Jessica recently joked she had turned into a "human vacuum cleaner" and survives on her son's leftovers.
She previously said: "I'm the human vacuum cleaner at the end of the meal! That is what happens when you are a mom or a dad. You make food, they eat what they eat, and you literally – as they are running off trying to grab something – you are shovelling the last few bites off of their plate. And that is your lunch... that is your lunch."