Channing Tatum and Jessie J. Picture: Instagram
Channing Tatum and Jessie J. Picture: Instagram

Jessie J sends flirty birthday message to Channing Tatum

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Apr 28, 2019

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Jessie J sent a series of flirty messages via social media to Channing Tatum as he celebrated his 39th birthday.

The 31-year-old pop star has been dating the Hollywood heartthrob since 2018 and she serenaded Channing with a romantic rendition of 'It's My Party' to mark the special occasion on Friday.

Jessie changed the lyrics to the original tune, singing: "It's your birthday, do, do what you want."

In the video clip - which she posted on her Instagram Story - Jessie filmed illustrations of women with speech bubbles and zoomed in on one in particular that read: "I want you."

Some of the other speech bubbles included phrases like, "I love you" and "I miss you".

Channing celebrated his birthday shortly after his ex-wife, actress Jenna Dewan, revealed she lived with a Peruvian tribe for two weeks after their split.

Jenna, 38 - who has a five-year-old daughter called Everly with the actor - said she got over her "intense" 2018 by partaking in healing "rituals", which enabled her to "connect to something greater than [herself]".

She revealed: "It's no secret I had, like, a very intense year and a lot of change.

"I'm a hippie at heart.

"I'm sort of a seeker. I sort of like to do practices and rituals and things that sort of connect me to something greater than myself, like bigger than myself. 

"Through that, I used a lot of those sort of techniques to help me through change and crazy year."

Jenna penned the book 'Gracefully You: How to Live Your Best Life Every Day' about her "personal" experiences in Peru and admitted she found the whole process very "cathartic".

She said: "There's a lot of personal stories, there's a lot that I go into.

"I went to Peru, I lived there for two weeks with this tribe. I've always been that type of person."

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