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Thursday, May 26, 2022

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Justin Bieber urges people to self-isolate amidst the coronavirus

Justin Bieber. Picture: Instagram

Justin Bieber. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 18, 2020


Justin Bieber has urged his fans to self-isolate amidst the coronavirus, telling them their "grandparents are counting on us".

The "Yummy" hitmaker took to Instagram to encourage his fans to practice social distancing, telling them their "grandparents are counting on us".

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He shared to Instagram: "Obviously this is a really scary time ... I wanted to remind everyone what we can do when we come together!! LETS COME TOGETHER BY ISOLATING OURSELVES UNTIL WE HAVE MORE ANSWERS! Our grandparents are counting on us (sic)"

And Justin isn't the only person raising awareness of the devastating affects of coronavirus to young people as Ariana Grande recently urged her fans to take the coronavirus pandemic more seriously and shared her frustration at those who have the "mindset" of "we will be fine, because we're young".

Ariana began her series of Twitter posts: "I understand that is how u felt weeks ago, but please read about what's going on. Don't turn a blind eye. The 'we will be fine because we're young' mindset is putting people who aren't young and/or healthy in a lot of danger. you sound stupid and privileged and you need to care more about others. like now ... like your hip hop yoga class can f***ing wait i promise ... 'well some of us have to work!'

i understand and entirely support your frustration. i do not mean to disrespect anyone who doesn't have the privilege of cancelled work or being able to call out of their work. but, this is a national emergency and a pandemic of global proportion. (sic)"

The "god is a woman" hitmaker then called on her followers to help pass a bill to give financial support and much more amid the health crisis, by calling their senators instead of replying to her with their "frustration".

She added: "i am agreeing w yall. these are the times when the world should rely on their governments to support the plan for all citizens to stay at home and lessen the threat of infection and the spread of the virus ... please support h.r.6201 which has passed the house. this bill will provide people w necessary financial support in terms of paid sick leave / unemployment due to corona virus / isolation / prevention ! please contact your senate to support the passing of this bill ! urgently ... instead of responding with your frustration ( that i totally agree with and support ) call your senators ! we need them to support this plan. everyone deserves to be financially supported and feel safe at home during this time (sic)"

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