Karamo Brown and his boyfriend Carlos Medel. Picture: Instagram
Karamo Brown and his boyfriend Carlos Medel. Picture: Instagram

Karamo Brown met boyfriend after 'accidental' Instagram like

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Aug 12, 2021

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Karamo Brown met his new boyfriend Carlos Medel after "accidentally" liking an Instagram post featuring the photographer's work.

The “Queer Eye” star - who split from fiance Ian Jordan in summer 2020 - has found love with Carlos Medel and revealed they connected after he was browsing the photographer's work and mistakenly clicked on one of his pictures, prompting the 29-year-old art director to get in touch.

He explained: "Let me tell you something. The day I deleted Tinder, I went to Instagram and was looking at beauty things.

“I like to watch makeup and hair things because they relax me, even though I'm bald and he's a beauty photographer.

"So he shoots the make-up for Kylie Cosmetics, all these big brands. I saw his and it was like, these are some beautiful shots and I accidentally clicked a photo.

"He saw it and said, thank you for liking my work and that's how we met."

The 41-year-old star had been an avid Tinder user when he first split from Ian.

He admitted: "I was on Tinder swiping. I was on a date every single day while I was in Austin. I went on at least 40 dates with 40 guys in a matter of time, I'm not joking."

The culture expert also opened up on his split from Ian and admitted the couple's therapy they had been undergoing made him realise they weren't "aligned".

Speaking to Catt Sadler on her virtual talk show “A Drink With Live!”, he said: "The break-up with my ex, luckily he and I are still friends.

“We were together for nine years. We were planning our wedding. Our engagement got drawn out for two years, and the reason I would tell people like, oh, all these things.

"The reason that was, was because he didn't want me to tell that we were going through therapy because there was a lot of things that I was just like, before I walked down this aisle, we have to figure out.

"We have to figure out, are we in line for the next 40 years? Are we in line with our values of how we are going to raise our family, our grandkids, if we have them? How are we going to align with what do we want to do with our finances, even more?

"But in the therapy, it just became abundantly clear to me that we weren't aligned."

Although his relationship with Ian didn't work out, Karamo found therapy was still helpful for his future as it helped him determine what he wants and deserves in a relationship.

He said: "Because I'd already did the work on myself. I was like, let me go out there and find someone."

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