Karamo Brown and Chris Salvatore. Picture: Instagram
Karamo Brown and Chris Salvatore. Picture: Instagram

Karamo Brown wants people to learn during Black History Month

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Feb 17, 2021

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Karamo Brown thinks Black History Month is a time to learn and calls his white friends to ask what they've discovered in February.

The “Queer Eye star insisted he doesn't "judge" his pals but does urge them to do some research to educate themselves during February in a bid to help stop "systemic issues", and called on others do use the next few weeks to do the same.

He told People magazine: "For me this month is time to stop and really focus, so that I can continue to do that through the year.

"I call my white friends during the month and ask, 'Hey, have you learned anything new about any African Americans?' And a lot of times they say no.

"And in those moments, I don't judge them. What I do is I try to encourage them and say, 'Hey, it's an opportunity for you to learn more because the only way we can stop systemic issues that we have plaguing our country when it comes to racism and prejudice and sexism and all these things is to educate ourselves.'

"So I just really want this Black History Month for so many people who are not in the African American community to say, 'Let me really go through the research. Last year I put a black square up and that was beautiful, but now how can I continue my education?' "

Though the 40-year-old star thinks Black History Month is a good time for reflection, he strongly believes it should be used as an opportunity to educate.

He also said: "Black History Month a lot of times we focus just on the past, which I believe we should look at.

“Where we've been and the accomplishments that so many African Americans who have done so much.

"But I think one of the things that for me, especially in this time, especially where we're at as a country opening our eyes and seeing the injustices, is that I want to encourage more people, white people, frankly, to say, 'Hey, Black History Month is a time for me to do more research on Black culture. This is a time for me to really understand.' "

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