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Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Katie Price sees a UFO and captures it on film!

Katie Price. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Katie Price. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Published Jan 17, 2022


Katie Price has filmed a "UFO" in the night sky.

The 43-year-old ex-glamour model took to Instagram to show her findings to her 2.6m followers, zooming in and out on the unidentified flying object - which appeared to be a circular shaped light - that she said "disappeared" after she spotted it.

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In captioning the video, she explained: "Last night I spotted this and then it disappeared. Can't work out what it is. It kept moving."

The small circular speck flash as it moved across the screen and Katie repeatedly tried to capture it as clearly as possible as she explained she couldn't "figure out what it was."

The reality star- who has five children from various relationships and is currently engaged to former 'Love Island' contestant Carl Woods, 32 - previously hunted for aliens when she visited Nevada Air Force field Area 51 back for a TV show in 2019.

In a YouTube video, she explained: "I thought I was nuts. I get told I'm bonkers and nuts all the time. Talking about the Area 51 and I actually filmed there. When we were filming there were signs when you get there, it's in the middle of nowhere. Signs saying don't come here, don't cross, they can hear you, watch you.

"A van came out of nowhere, a black pickup truck, blacked out. It came from the distance, all the way to the gate, stopped there.

"It stood there for about two minutes and then turned around and drove off. It was as if to say: 'You motherf***ers, we're watching you. Don't do it again'."

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