Khloe Kardashian. Picture: Instagram

Khloe Kardashian hopes her daughter inherits her curvy bottom, as well as Tristan Thompson's laugh and tech skills.

The 33-year-old reality star is expecting her first child, a daughter, with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson any day now, and has taken to her app to share a list of traits she hopes the tot inherits from each parent, including things like their daughter's laugh, and her behind.

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Khloe wrote: "Last week, I revealed some of the traits I hope my daughter inherits from me and Tristan, like my style and his dance moves. And now, I'm sharing even more. I want my baby to inherit my Butt. Both big booties, lol...well mine before pregnancy! (sic)" 

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star also revealed that she hopes the baby will have her business savvy, whilst also inheriting Tristan's laugh, spending habits, and tech skills.

It comes after Khloe took to her app last week to reveal she hopes her baby girl will have her boyfriend's IQ level, whilst also having her street smarts.

She wrote: "I can't wait to meet my baby girl! I often think about what she'll look like and what her little personality will be like.

"She'll be the perfect mix of me and Tristan - which is such a crazy thought, LOL. 

"I want maybe [Tristan]'s IQ and my street smarts. (sic)"

Khloe is due in a matter of days, and recently admitted she's been fortunate to have had such a straightforward pregnancy.

She said: "What surprises me most about pregnancy is, I think everyone says how hard pregnancy can be, and I think pregnancy has its ups and downs, but I've been very blessed that mine has been pretty much, like, it's been very healthy and I still have a lot of energy and I like to work out.

"I'm very blessed that mine's been a very active pregnancy."