Saint West, Kim Kardashian West & North West. Picture: Instagram

Kim Kardashian West could "retire" but she keeps working as she wants to show her children that she has a "really strong work ethic.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has praised her two kids - four-year-old daughter North and her 20-month-old son Saint - for keeping her working hard as she wants to show them how important it is to have a "really strong work ethic".

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She said: "When you have kids it keeps you motivated. I want to have something on my own. I feel good when I get up and go to work and am busy all day. That makes me happy. If I just, like, retire I would definitely be more of a stay at home mom, but I want my kids to have a really strong work ethic and see how motivated mom and dad really are."

And the 36-year-old television personality praised mothers who work hard and play hard too.

She added: "More power to the moms that look really good, work really hard, do what they can so that they still feel sexy, still feel good about themselves. I don't think for a second that because you become a mom you can't be sexy anymore."

Kim insists she won't stop doing sexy photoshoots just because she is now a mom as it makes her "feel confident".

She told Arabia's Harper's Bazaar magazine: "At the end of the day I still have to be me. If doing sexy shoots makes me feel confident, then I'm okay with it. That might not be appropriate for some people, and there's a time and a place. There's certain things I'll show my kids and certain things I won't show my kids. But generally I am okay with it. In moderation."