Stormi Webster and Kylie Jenner. Picture: Instagram
Stormi Webster and Kylie Jenner. Picture: Instagram

Kylie Jenner wants another baby

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published May 1, 2019

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Kylie Jenner wants another baby with Travis Scott.

The couple already have daughter Stormi, 14 months, together, but in an Instagram post uploaded in celebration of Travis' 27th birthday on Tuesday, Kylie revealed she's keen to make them a family of four.

Kylie said she wants to "f**k around and have another baby" with the 'Sicko Mode' hitmaker, whilst also referring to him as her "hubby" - which is short for husband - despite the pair not being married.

Sharing several snaps of the pair together, including some which featured baby Stormi, Kylie wrote: watching you evolve into the partner, friend, son, and father you are today has been so fulfilling. my real life bestie & hubby all wrapped into one. i love you and I'm so so proud of you. happy happy birthday. let's f**k around and have another baby."

The sweet tribute comes after the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star had a billboard installed to celebrate Travis' birthday on one of the busiest intersections in West Hollywood, between Santa Monica and La Cienega.

On the billboard, 21-year-old Kylie wrote: "Happy Birthday Daddy. Love, Mommy & Stormi XO. (sic)"

Meanwhile, Travis had previously revealed how he'd like to get married to Kylie "soon" but he wanted to "propose in a fire way" first.

He shared: "We was just two kids, f***ing around. Maybe, like, the first week, you don't know if it's real or a fling. Then the second week you're like, 'Whoa, I'm still talking to her, she's responding, I'm responding. We ain't run out of a thing to say.' And it got to a point where I was like, 'I need her with me to operate. She's that one.' We'll get married soon. I just gotta sturdy up - I gotta propose in a fire way."

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