Lady Gaga performs at the iTunes Festival on September 1, 2013. Picture: AP

International superstar Lady Gaga has broken her silence regarding R. Kelly's sexual abuse allegations on Thursday. 

Following the airing of the 'Surviving R.Kelly' on Lifetime last week the "Shallow" star has been one of the many celebrities who have come under fire for working with Kelly. 

Gaga worked with Kelly on her second single "Do What U Want " from her ARTPOP album released in 2013. 

In the statement posted on her social media platforms, Gaga started off by proclaiming to stand 1000% behind the women that were featured in the special. She went on to say that Kelly's allegations are "horrifying and indefensible". 

The 'A Star is Born' star goes on to explain and apologise for the song and video with the R&B singer as she was in a very dark space in her life at the time. 

And she added that the reason for the collaboration was that she wanted to make something defiant and provocative. 

Furthermore, she says that if she could go back to her younger self, she would seek therapy and speak openly and honestly about her own sexual assault. And that going forward she will keep on supporting all sexual assault victims.

The "Hair, Body, Face" singer then closes off the statement by saying that she will be removing the song from all streaming services and Apple Music. 

See the full statement below: