Liev Schreiber denied allegations that he attacked a local photographer while he was in suburban New York filming the popular Showtime series “Ray Donovan.” (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber, File)

Liev Schreiber has insisted he "never touched" a photographer he is accused of harassing.

The 'Spotlight' actor and his lawyer, Jonathan Ripps, lodged a motion to have second-degree harassment violation dismissed at Nyack Village Court in New York on Tuesday, and when he left the building - which his accuser, Sherwood Martinelli, was waiting outside - he maintained his innocence over the incident, which allegedly took place in June.

He said: "I never touched him, I never touched his body with my body. I was p***ed, but that was it. I have nothing else to say."

But Martinelli, a photographer who has accused the actor of attacking him when he went to take a picture, damaging his camera, shouted "liar" as the 50-year-old star got into his car and drove away.

The photographer has slammed the motion to dismiss the lawsuit and admitted he was disappointed another hearing won't take place until 20 September as he is also looking for a protection order against the actor.

He fumed: "It's a total, complete miscarriage of justice.

"It just proves that the justice system ... is only for the rich and elite. Because he's somebody special, he's getting away with this."

The 62-year-old paparazzo insisted he wasn't standing on the set of 'Ray Donovan', but was on a public road nearby when the actor allegedly "attacked" him.

He told the Journal News newspaper the 'Isle of Dogs' star star "charged like he was a raging bull" when he saw him with his camera on June 7 and left him in pain and with damaged equipment.

He told reporters outside the court: "My camera was broken. My shoulder hurt. It was painful. I didn't think it was serious ... at the time.

"I just don't like bullies. His attack on me was completely unprovoked. I'm the victim here."

Second-degree harassment is a violation and carries a maximum sentence of 15 days in jail, a $250 fine, a restraining order and/or community service.