Lil Durk comes after Gunna: ‘If you a rat, I f***** hate you’

Lil Durk. Picture: Instagram

Lil Durk. Picture: Instagram

Published May 24, 2023


Last year, when reports began to circulate online that Gunna had allegedly snitched on his label boss, Young Thug, in order to get a plea deal in their widely publicised RICO trial, rapper Lil Durk was one of the first celebrities to express their disdain towards Gunna by unfollowing him on Instagram.

Now, during his promotional run for his upcoming album, “Almost Healed”, Durk has doubled down on his stance by publicly calling out Gunna and labelling him a “rat”.

The made “3 Headed Goat” hitmaker joined DJ Akademiks’ “Off the Record” podcast to share his views on the situation.

“Lil Durk speaks on Gunna: “That man told. You should've went in there and kept your mouth closed. (...) If you a rat, I f***in hate you. Cause I love Thug.”

— Kurrco (@Kurrco) May 22, 2023

“You should have went in there and kept your mouth closed,” he said, addressing Gunna directly.

“I never unfollowed him. I don't know why I didn't. I just don't take Instagram and all that type s***t serious.”

“But if you a rat, you a rat. If you rewind the clip a little bit, I looked into the camera, and I told you, “if you a rat, I f***** hate you. Because I love Thug.”

The clip in question already has over 10 million views and has been the topic of conversation on social media over the past 48 hours.

“Gunna makes better music, so we stand with Gunna,” one fan commented, unconvinced by the rumours. “Thug stands with Gunna, so it doesn’t make sense being angry on his behalf.”

— Jay D. Cartere (@JayCartere) May 23, 2023

Another shared similar sentiments: “I feel like its easier to honor the street code when u outside prison not facing life. Gunna shouldn’t have snitched for the simple fact that thug made him.

“He’s nothing without thug and he knows. But that doesn’t make gunna the villain. No ones the villain for wanting to live.”

— 💕💕💕 (@NAVORYY) May 22, 2023

@r8kuba added, “It’s gonna be funny if they free thug and they find out that him and gunna are cool lol.”