Aaron Carter and his girlfriend Melanie Martin. Picture: Instagram
Aaron Carter and his girlfriend Melanie Martin. Picture: Instagram

LOOK: Aaron Carter gets girlfriend's name tattooed on his face

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Mar 9, 2020

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Aaron Carter has gotten the name of his girlfriend, Melanie Martin, tattooed on his face just three months after they started dating.

The 32-year-old singer has only been dating Melanie Martin for three months, but he's already committed her name to ink as he showcased a new tattoo above his eyebrow on social media over the weekend.

After visiting his hairstylist Brandon Peach to have his hair dyed back to "his signature bright blonde" look, Brandon posted photos of Aaron on his Instagram, which displayed the fresh tattoo.

The new artwork comes after the "I Want Candy" hitmaker was recently spotted taking Melanie shopping for what appeared to be an engagement ring.

In an Instagram post shared on Friday, Melanie could be seen trying on sparklers that would set Aaron back around $80,000.

Aaron's new romance comes after he split from Lina Valentina last year.

He wrote at the time: "Lina and I have decided to go our separate ways. I was really hoping this would be the one that lasted forever.

"We had even talked about having kids, but we couldn't seem to get past our differences and the relationship eventually turned unhealthy. I've been through so much the past few years and am trying to learn from my mistakes.

"I don't have any regrets being with Lina, and I definitely learned a lot about myself. I think this decision was the mature thing to do. I'm going to keep focusing on my music, my tour and my fans. Hopefully my soulmate is out there somewhere and I'll meet her soon."

The singer was granted a restraining order against Lina after she allegedly threatened to stab him with a knife and, although it was a testing year-long relationship, he's in a "good place" now.

He said: "I'm doing great. I'm doing really good. I'm in a really good place, I'm focused on my music. I'm focused on living a good, happy, life. I'm enjoying myself.

"I live out in Quartz Hill - an hour outside of LA - because I don't like the congestion and the Hollywood scene so I like to ride my dirt bikes.

"I'm going to use this as something to just stay positive and learn. Just live and learn because I'm growing. At this point in my life, most people are 31. During your 20s through to your 30s you have the decision to make the right decisions and grow up or stay where you are. And then you'll never grow up."

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