Mark Ruffalo. Picture: Mark Blinch, Reuters
Mark Ruffalo. Picture: Mark Blinch, Reuters

Mark Ruffalo calls Donald Trump a 'liar' following Presidential debate

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Oct 23, 2020

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Mark Ruffalo accused Donald Trump of being a "liar" following the final US Presidential debate on Thursday.

The President and his Democrat rival Joe Biden went head-to-head for one last time before the election, and Ruffalo was among a host of celebrities who subsequently took to social media to throw his support behind Biden, accusing Trump of trying to mislead the US public.

The Hollywood star wrote on Twitter: "Trump is a liar, Biden is an honorable man who raised his boys on his own after his wife was killed in a car accident. (sic)"

Later, he added: "I want to live in a country where we have a President who isn't a colossal liar. #WithBidenWeCan (sic)"

'Star Trek' actor George Takei was similarly critical of the President following the final debate.

He wrote on the micro-blogging platform: "Biden sounds very clear, capable and focused. Trump sounds like...well, Trump.

"Trump only runs on fear. Biden runs on hope. Let’s elevate hope over fear. (sic)"

Actress Alyssa Milano also took to Twitter to voice her thoughts about the debate.

She said: "Hope over fear. Love over hate. #BidenWon

"America or Trump. You can't love both. #BidenWon (sic)"

On the other hand, James Woods - a long-time supporter of Trump - was critical of Biden's performance during the debate.

He wrote: "Joe Biden looks like the most tired, defeated, hack politician ever to draw breath in the history of this nation. He makes the word “hello” sound like a talking point. #ByeByeOldJoe (sic)"

The actor also insisted Trump had won the latest debate convincingly.

He said: "The only reason I’m not commenting on the debate so much, is that I’m still dancing on air. Trump absolutely rolled over Joe Biden like a steamroller. (sic)"

Kirstie Alley, another pro-Trump celebrity, also felt the billionaire businessman got the better of his rival.

She said: "I LOVE THIS Trump! COOL CALM AND POIGNANT !! You have WON THE DEBATE!! (sic)"

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