Mel B. Picture: Charles Sykes

Mel B has accused her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte of showing her children graphic content online.

The Spice Girls singer finalised her divorce from Stephen - with whom she has six-year-old daughter Madison - in December last year, but she has now filed legal documents requesting that he be blocked from having visitation with her 10-year-old daughter Angel Murphy, whom she has with actor Eddie Murphy, as she claims Stephen has been showing the children horrific videos of terrorist organisation ISIS “beheading individuals”.

In court documents obtained by The Blast, 42-year-old Mel - who also has 19-year-old daughter Phoenix Gulzar with Jimmy Gulzar - wrote: “When I was not present, Stephen thought it was funny or educational (I still do not know) to play videos of ISIS beheading individuals for Phoenix, Angel, and even Madison.

This was entirely inappropriate for such young girls, who do not understand what is happening in the videos. Angel has repeatedly told me about these videos and that she was scared and frightened that Stephen would expose her to such gruesome images.”

According to The Blast, Phoenix confirmed the story in a declaration filed alongside the documents, in which she said “he got us all to watch men being beheaded with chainsaws by ISIS.”

Mel’s documents were filed in response to a similar filing made my Stephen, also 42, who has requested visitation with 10-year-old Angel.

In his filing, Stephen listed several likes and dislikes of the young girl in an attempt to prove how close he is with her, but Mel insists he has all the information wrong.

She wrote: “Stephen’s declaration offers an abundance of information containing Angel’s likes and dislikes. However, Stephen seems to have confused Angel for Madison. For example, Stephen states that Angel loved everything pink and now likes everything sparkly and gold. 

"Angel hates bright colours and sparkles and only likes black and brown. She has not been through the type of stage described by Stephen. Our daughter together, Madison, loves gold and anything sparkly.”

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