Mel B and Stephen Belafonte. Picture: Supplied/Bang Showbiz

Mel B has requested a court keeps her legal battle with Stephen Belafonte sealed from the public.

The former Spice Girls singer split from the producer earlier this year amid accusations he had been abusive and got their nanny pregnant, and she has now asked the court to keep their case private because it is attracting so much attention, it is harming her daughters, Phoenix, 18, 10-year-old Angel - both of whom she has from past relationships - and five-year-old Madison, her child with Stephen.

She also claimed having to testify in open court about the abuse she allegedly suffered would be "further abuse" against her.

And she claimed reporters and photographers are waiting whenever she drops Madison off to visit her father, and is suspicious they are being tipped off by Stephen, actions she thinks are having a bad effect on the little girl.

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In documents obtained by TMZ, she said: "While [Stephen] may enjoy the media attention, the minor child of this marriage did not ask to be placed in the center of this mounting storm."

Sources connected to Stephen told the outlet that he hasn't been giving the media a heads up, nor has he been exploiting the case.

A hearing has been set to take place next month, where a judge will decide whether to seal the case going forward.

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Mel's bid comes shortly after a judge ruled Stephen can apply for visitation rights to Angel, whose biological father is Eddie Murphy.

At a hearing in Los Angeles, Judge Riff said: "Mr. Belafonte claims it's in the child's best interests for him to have contact, frequent and continuing, with the child he says he raised from an infant.

"The petitioner says it is clearly not in that child's interest. Those are the assertions."

Mel's lawyer Susan Wiesner accused Stephen of "grandstanding to the media" and asked the judge to reject the motion and order the producer to instead take his request to the judge who decided arrangements between the 'America's Got Talent' judge and Eddie.

And as the details of their agreement is under seal and closed to the public, the lawyer argued the latest ruling would cause problems.

She argued: "Angel has the right to privacy. Like it or not, he is not the parent.

"Mr Belafonte is going to file a paper that's going to the media.

"You're opening a Pandora's box."The reality is that this is going to become even more of a circus."

However, the judge insisted it was appropriate for Stephen to make his bid to him, and indicated he may close the court if and when he files for visitation rights to the youngster.