Michelle Williams. Picture: Bang Showbiz
Michelle Williams ended her engagement with Chad Johnson when she battled with depression but they are stronger than ever now.

The Destiny's Child singer felt it was the right thing to do to end her relationship with Chad Johnson when she was struggling with her mental health because he "didn't pray for a depressed wife".

She said: "I'd been there before in that darkness. I was like, 'No, you better go [to the hospital].' By the time I got there, I was stable. However, I would've understood if he left. He's been praying for a wife. He didn't pray for a depressed wife."

However, Chad stayed and now the couple are better than ever.

She added to People magazine: "It's not just about marrying Chad. I finally found someone to do life with."

Back in July, Michelle revealed she was "proudly" seeking help for her depression and had recently "sought help from a great team of healthcare professionals".

In a statement posted to Instagram, she shared: "For years I have dedicated myself to increasing awareness of mental health and empowering people to recognise when it's time to seek help, support and guidance from those that love and care for your wellbeing. '

I recently listened to the same advice I have given to thousands around the world and sought help from a great team of healthcare professionals. Today I proudly, happily and healthily stand here as someone who will continue to always lead by example as I tirelessly advocate for betterment of those in need."