Lasizwe. Picture: Instagram
Lasizwe. Picture: Instagram

Namibian comedian clears air on Laziswe's 'content theft'

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Mar 17, 2019

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Local social media sensation and reality TV star Lasizwe trended this week after he was accused of "stealing" content.

Lasizwe shot to fame when he started posting comical videos on social media and since has his own reality show and some endorsement deals.

This week, he posted a video captioned How VW Polo drivers live in South Africa. In the video, he is wearing a wig and activates the car alarm a number of times while walking away from it.

In one scene, he is seen sitting on his toilet seat, but continues to make sure the car alarm is activated. Many found the video amusing, but one viewer asked if Lasizwe creates any original content after pointing out that a similar video was already created by Namibian comedian, Waybeline last week. However, Waybeline defended Lasizwe, tweeting, "hey guys just to make things clear: @lasizwe did not steal content from me".

"He loved my video and asked to redo, and I gave him permission, and he credited me on it".

Last year he came under fire when fans accused him of stealing content from American internet star, Jay Versace.

What Twitter users said: @NthabiWabi said, "so that Lasizwe gent steals content from smaller creators, as it is, and relies on having a bigger audience?

“If not local smaller creators, then American people? That’s the brand?"

@Tumi202 said, "Lasizwe is like those weird guys at the back in high school, they’ll copy your homework word for word".

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