Pamela Anderson. Picture: Instagram ( @pamelaanderson)

Pamela Anderson has alleged she was molested by a babysitter - and thought she had killed her when she passed away after wishing her dead.

The 50-year-old actress and model has claimed that when she was a child she was sexually abused by her babysitter, and after wishing that her alleged abuser was dead, she was shocked when she discovered the unnamed woman had been involved in a fatal car accident.

Pamela revealed during an episode of ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’ which aired on Saturday, March 3, : "I had a babysitter and she molested me for I think a year. I remember wishing her dead and she ended up dying the next day in her graduation in a car accident.

"I thought, 'Ok, now I've killed her. I'm magic. I can't tell my parents about this and I've killed her,' so I started believing that I had this special power to kill people.

"I was scared to tell [my parents] that this happened and I was also scared to tell them that I killed her.”


The ‘Baywatch’ star first detailed her alleged experience with abuse in 2014 at the launch of The Pamela Anderson Foundation, where she also claimed that she was raped at 12 years old by a male acquaintance.

At the time, Pamela revealed that her “affinity” with animals helped “save” her when she was coping with what happened.

She said: "My affinity with animals saved me, they came to me naturally. The trees spoke to me. I wasn't sure why I was alive - a burning question, a quest.
“My loyalty remained with the animal kingdom. I vowed to protect them and only them. I prayed to the whales with my feet in the ocean, my only real friends until I had children."

Meanwhile, Pamela recently revealed she “learned” to avoid sexual harassment throughout her career, as she claimed it was “common knowledge” that certain producers were to be avoided.

She said: "It was common knowledge that certain producers or certain people in Hollywood are people to avoid, privately. You know what you get into if you go to a hotel room alone [with them]. I learned to somehow never put myself in those situations again and when I came to Hollywood, of course, I had a lot of offers to do private auditions and things that made absolutely no sense.

"Don't go into a hotel room alone, if someone answers the door in a bathrobe, leave, you know? ... But I know Hollywood is very seductive and people want to be famous, and sometimes you think you're going to be safe ... with [another] adult in the room. I don't know where this security comes from, but somehow I've dodged it all."

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