Paris Hilton. Picture: Reuters

Paris Hilton's friend called the police to her home after he was unable to find his car keys - but she had taken them from him because he was drunk.

The 37-year-old television personality had cops turn up at her home in Los Angeles where she was hosting a party, when one of her friends assumed his car keys had been stolen by Paris' housekeeper.

According to TMZ, police arrived at Paris' home when her unnamed pal drunkenly dialled 911 and accused the blonde beauty's housekeeper of taking away his car keys, only to find that Paris herself was behind the act.

The former 'Simple Life' star had nabbed his keys because he was far too drunk to drive, and so she'd been acting in the interest of safety.

Police believed Paris was being sensible in taking away the man's keys, and left the scene with no further action being taken.

TMZ reports the man eventually went home via Uber.

Paris' sensible decision comes after she herself was arrested for a DUI back in 2006, and said at the time she would have been unable to live with herself if anyone was injured or, worse, killed while she drove drunk. 

The blonde beauty's party comes after she reportedly called off her engagement to actor Chris Zylka, whom she got engaged to in January after a year of dating.

A source said: "They broke up a few weeks ago. The relationship moved very fast, and she realised it wasn't right for her. She is traveling the world for her skincare and perfume. She wishes him all the best and hopes they can remain friends."

And her friends aren't thought to be shocked about the split, because they all believed the wedding was "never going to happen".

The insider added: "This wedding was never going to happen. They never had an engagement party and Chris' parents never even met Paris' parents. They postponed the 11/11 date without a new date. No one is surprised by this at all. Paris got caught up in wanting a wedding and she just didn't think about the marriage part. It was never going to work with Chris."