File photo: Russell Brand and Katy Perry.

London - Russell Brand wants to marry multiple wives.

The British comic - who was wed to Katy Perry for 14 months before they split in December 2011 - can only be tied down to one person for "short periods" but would happily have a group wedding with several people.

Asked if he will wed again, he joked: "Probably, eventually, for a short period of time. Do you mind group weddings? If it's like a Mormon wedding with me marrying 15 women and a couple of men, just for balance, and if you're not averse to that, it could happen. Or it could be just two of us but for a very short period of time."

The 37-year-old funnyman also claimed he is looking for a "kind and sweet" woman who is happy to be a part of his "insane" life.

Speaking in a webchat with website Heatworld, he said: "The future Mrs. Brand? Well, if she's from the future I want her to have a jet bike, X-ray vision and fire lasers out of her finger tips. I don't know, I'm just looking for the same things as everyone else, someone who's kind and sweet and ready to be swept into a whirlwind of insanity." - Bang Showbiz