Skolopad. Picture: Instagram

It's a miracle. A Skin Miracle, that is. Controversial entertainer Skolopad has secured a 12-month ambassadorship deal with the skincare brand Skin Miracle.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Skolopad said the brand discovered her on social media, and while everybody judges her for baring it all, Skin Miracle noticed how much she loved her own skin, and were willing to pay her for it.

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"It's funny because they didn't even know that I sing. They saw me, like everyone else on social media and, you know, they noticed how I love my skin. I was using their oil the whole time and so they decided we could work well together," she said.

The singer also revealed that she's not new to product, as she's been using their oil as part of her skincare routine. 

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Skolopad said she can't reveal how much she's making from the deal, but did say she'll have a continuous supply of their products, and assistance with logistics when she has events.