Quentin Tarantino ‘splashed $10 000 to lick stripper’s feet until they wrinkled like prunes’

Quentin Tarantino. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Quentin Tarantino. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Published May 29, 2023


A strip club manager, NorCal Lowlife, says Quentin Tarantino once splashed out $10 000 (R194 718) to lick a woman’s feet until they wrinkled like “prunes”.

Lowlife, also known as Page Rad, was apparently a senior worker at Hollywood nightspot Crazy Girls, and told the tale about the “Pulp Fiction” director, who is said to have a foot fetish as he often lingers on his leading ladies’ toes in his flicks, on a podcast called “Get in the Car”.

He said that when Tarantino apparently visited the club, without specifying when, the film-maker requested a VIP room and the company of the dancer with the “biggest t***” and “biggest ass” there.

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Lowlife said he went to a security room and watched the action on CCTV, adding: “He’s sitting down, she’s about to do her little… take her top off.

“And he gets up, throws her on the f****** seat, takes her boots off one by one, both shoes, just starts licking the bottoms of her feet, sucking toes.”

Lowlife said the licking lasted about half-an-hour. By the end of it, the stripper’s “feet looked like… you know when you take a bubble bath? Like prunes”.

He added about the price Tarantino, who has two children with wife Daniella Pick, 39, allegedly paid: “I think he gave her 10 Gs.”

In 2010, Uma Thurman, 53, whose feet were lingered over by Tarantino in his “Kill Bill” epic, toasted the director at a Friar’s Club roast by serving him champagne in her black velvet Louboutins.

At the same event, Eli Roth, 51, who starred in Quentin’s “Inglourious B*******’ made the bad-taste Holocaust joke that the director had a “bigger shoe collection than Dachau”.