R&B singer Karyn White spills the tea on her absence from the music industry

Published Aug 25, 2022


Popular R&B singer Karyn White is back in SA for a two-city concert.

Currently in Cape Town, the “Superwoman” star, who was a hit in the 1980s and 1990s, gave IOL Entertainment a quick interview.

On her absence from the industry in recent years, the 56-year-old songstress explained: “In 2017, I was forced to take a break from my music, I went through a terrible divorce with the love of my life and icon Terry Lewis and my mother was dying at the same time.

“I lost my way because I never thought that I would be spiritually unbalanced and not want to sing and I never thought that I would get a divorce.

Karyn White Picture: Phandulwazi Jikelo/African News Agency

“There were things outside of the marriage that had to do with business stuff and I’d just ask myself, ‘What happened?’ I didn't see that in the cards for me.

“I stepped back, I didn't say I’m going to stop singing … I stepped back to regroup because I didn’t want to feel I want to unravel in front of the world.”

She continued: “My daughter was three years old at the time and I just decided at that point that I would take up rest. My superpower is ‘my focus’.

“My daughter has been through too much at the time and so I took the break for personal healing.”

As for her returning to SA, White said: “I never chose SA, this country chose me.”

The three-time Soul Train Awards nominee added: “SA is a slice of heaven, here really is ‘Wakanda’. The people here see my music as something more than just an international hit song, it has significant meaning to each person here, it’s just amazing here. It’s crazy but that’s what I feel.”

The “I’d Rather Be Alone” singer said she is amped to be performing for her fans again since her last visit to SA in 2019.

Karyn White performs at Grand West Casino and Entertainment World tomorrow (Friday) and then at the Sun Bet Arena, Time Square in Pretoria on Saturday.