Ray J files for divorce from Princess Love for third time

Princess Love and Ray J. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Princess Love and Ray J. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Published Oct 7, 2021


Ray J and Princess Love's attempt to make their marriage work has reportedly failed, after the singer filed divorce papers for the third time this week.

The “One Wish” singer is currently in hospital on a Covid-19 ward - though he's not believed to have coronavirus - and TMZ reports that court documents were filed to terminate his marriage to the 'Love and Hip Hop' star in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday.

Ray J had filed paperwork to end his marriage to the 37-year-old actress last September, shortly after they had reconciled following Princess' divorce petition in May 2020, but they decided to give their romance another try.

The pair even moved to Miami together with their three-year-old daughter Melody and 21-month-old son Epik in a bid to make things work.

Meanwhile, the 40-year-old star's manager, David Weintraub, revealed his client is currently being monitored by doctors after falling poorly with pneumonia.

He told People that Ray J is "in the hospital for pneumonia, but it’s not the contagious kind. [The doctors] wanted to keep him there a couple extra days to watch him.”

And in a message to his fans, the television personality said: “I appreciate all the love and support from everybody. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers, and I will be back up and running soon.”

On their decision to move their family from Los Angeles to Florida, Ray J had said at the time: "We're in a good place right now, we're in Miami, we're gonna move down to Miami, I don't think we're going back to Los Angeles any time soon.

“We've been taking care of the kids, they love it out here, and it's given us a different mood and outlook on life. God is good, we're taking it one day at a time."

And although Ray believes he and Princess are "meant to be together", he stopped short of saying their romance was completely back on track.

He added: " We are together. Are we back together? I think that's a journey we've gotta take.

"I think that's just a journey we gotta take but we are together, we love being together.

"Now it's figuring out how we keep it consistent and enjoy life together and be good together, because I think we are meant to be together."

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