Ray J's wife flips off camera over Zachary Levi's Kim Kardashian sex tape joke

Ray J and Princess Love. Picture: Screengrab/YouTube

Ray J and Princess Love. Picture: Screengrab/YouTube

Published Jun 18, 2019


Ray J's wife flipped off the camera after Zachary Levi joked about the Kim Kardashian West sex tape.

The host of this year's MTV Movie & TV Awards couldn't resist making a quip about the infamous 2007 video at the beginning the ceremony - which aired on Monday night  - after he described the rapper turned reality star as "America's other sweetheart".

Complimenting Ray's reality show 'Love & Hip Hop', he joked: "Although I'm sure some of you are more familiar with his work as a cameraman."

While the audience sounded shocked, the camera cut back to Princess who showed both middle fingers to the camera.

Zachary immediately apologised for the quip, and appeared to suggest it won't better in the writer's room.

He said: "I had to, I'm sorry... It was collectively a great idea."

#RayJ is NOT here for #ZacharyLevi's jokes! #MTVMovieAwards pic.twitter.com/8lR1zmCrAh

— ClevverTV (@ClevverTV) June 18, 2019

Speaking last year, Ray said the video"was just a little much" and insisted he had grown since it was recorded in 2003.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I don't look back on it, only look forward. I have the best baby, I got the wife, I got to look at them and to look forward to things that are positive. 

"The tape was just a little much and that was the old Ray J. And even the old Ray J would respond differently from then."

Meanwhile, Zachary's opening monologue took an emotional turn too, as he described himself as a "drama nerd" and said all the big stars are the same inside.

He added: "Everyone in this room kind of is because behind all the fame and fortune, the followers, the glam squads are a bunch of nerdy artists, and they are making all the cool s**t that we are celebrating tonight...

"If you are like 14-year-old me, and you are sitting at home watching this, thinking maybe you will love yourself one day if you can finally be someone here, stop doing that and start loving yourself right there right now.

"That will change your life and that will change the world. I guarantee that."

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