A 2013 file image of Ayda Field and Robbie Williams. Picture: Todd Williamson/Invision/AP

HIS long-running battles with drugs and depression have been well documented.

But Robbie Williams has revealed his “demons are quiet” since starting on new anti-depressant medication this year.

The singer said he had experienced a “weird summer” when he found he could not relate to anyone apart from his wife, 37-year-old US actress Ayda Field.

“I didn’t know how to talk to anybody, even people who are with me every day,” he recalled.

“I was isolated, in my head. It was troublesome and sad.

“Then I tried this anti-depressant and things have changed. The demons are quiet.”

He said his mental health had improved, adding: “but it happens to coincide with finding a different medication. For real. It’s called Brintellix.”

Brintellix is usually prescribed when other more common medications have failed.

It works by stopping the “feel-good” chemical serotonin from being taken up by neurons in the brain, and so increases the amount of circulating serotonin available. The former Take That singer, who has two children, has battled addictions to drink, drugs and prescription medicine.

Asked whether there were any vices left that he was able to handle without spiralling into addiction he told the Radio Times: “I”m not searching to do anything. But I definitely can’t drink. I definitely can’t do coke. I can’t do ecstasy.

“And I don’t fancy heroin. Or M-Cat [mephedrone] or ketamine or any of those things?…?maybe there’s a once-a-year special voucher that I get for good behaviour.

“But not for any of those things. I”ll leave it to your imagination.” Williams, 42, recently became the most successful British solo act in chart history – after his latest album hit the top spot.

The Heavy Entertainment Show was his 12th album to reach number one, pushing him past David Bowie. Its success also means he has the same number of chart-topping albums as Madonna. The only solo artist who has more number one albums is Elvis Presley, with 13.

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Williams found fame with boy band Take That, which sold ten million albums in the 1990s. He quit the group in 1995 and has since had 34 Top 40 hits.

The song Angels remains his bestselling single, despite never reaching number one in the UK.